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Become an affiliate

We are on a mission to build an industry-wide ecosystem where all our partners reap the benefits of our mutual growth efforts. As a Business Partner, you’ll earn commission every time your customers subscribe to one of Buildbite’s plans. 

Build profitable relationships

With our leading field management solution, construction companies get an easy-to-use tool that improves the efficiency and profitability of construction and renovation projects.

It increases transparency and accountability between all parties in their projects.


Partner for growth

When you partner with us, your efforts never go unrewarded. Anytime you refer a new customer to Buildbite, you qualify for up to 20% of the annual subscription fee.

Our Commission Tool allows you to structure affiliate marketing campaigns to suit your goals.


Create a plan that works for you

Using Buildbite’s Commission Tool, Business Partners can create unique discount codes and keep track of how much commission they have earned.

Independently create unique promotions with clear start and end dates and incentivise sales people by managing commissions themselves.


Earn fair commission

We’re committed to ensuring that you get a fair commission when your customers subscribe to Buildbite.

We provide full transparency and fairness in paying out commission. 


Brand it your way

With Professional Branding, you can customize the look and feel of Buildbite on mobile and desktop to increase customer retention, without compromising on your brand’s visual identity.

Add your brand’s colors and logo while getting the most of Buildbite’s field management features. 


Apply for our Affiliate Program

Please fill in the application form and someone from our partnership team will get back to you soon.