Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buildbite?
Buildbite is an app that makes managing construction projects easier and which improves efficiency, transparency and customer satisfaction.


What are the biggest benefits to construction companies?
Professional builders ex perience productivity gains when using Buildbite. Inviting all project team members to the app makes assigning and approving tasks and change requests easier with access to up-to-date plans and powerful communication and reporting features that speeds up construction projects.
Seamless and secure approval workflows result in quicker and approvals by the customer. Having access to all project documentation anytime strengthens the relationship with the customer and provides a competitive advantage when bidding for future projects.


What are the biggest benefits to consumers?
Consumers use Buildbite as the one-stop-shop for all construction related projects, handle and store documentation and communication, keep track of progress and invite anyone involved in the projects to participate. The app is completely free for everyone.


Why was Buildbite created?
Buildbite was created by professional builders who wanted to change the way construction projects were managed. By focusing on the long-term needs of consumers and by building a solution for professional builders to cater to these needs, Buildbite is working on digitizing the construction industry.


Why is Buildbite free for consumers?
We believe a home is more than just a building and that it is our role to help home-owners make the most of their investment. By providing tools to capture all project specific communication, plans, documentation and approvals home-owners finally have a one-stop-shop for all relevant information pertaining to all repair and construction history./span>


Why do you charge construction companies a monthly fee?
Buildbite is a valuable tool that enables construction companies to remove uncertainties and risks associated with collaboration between all the parties involved in a project. Buildbite increases project efficiency, transparency and customer satisfaction. Professional builders who are using Buildbite have reported +50% productivity gains and a complete absence of customer complaints. 


Is Buildbite an improved project management solution?
No. Buildbite is much more than a project management solution. The app is stacked with features that support tasks that are required throughout a construction project including time tracking, task specific communication between all parties, seamless and secure approval workflows, archiving and much more. Buildbite is designed to serve both building professionals and consumers.


What is included in the 30-day free trial for professionals?
All features in the Business license except secure authentication, payments and time-tracking are included. Click here to start your free trial.


If I subscribe to the service, what is the minimum contract term?
The minimum term is 30 days. You can cancel the subscription at any point during the term – no questions asked. Your subscription will auto-renew for another 30-day term on the first day of each month unless canceled.


For how long will an archived project be stored?
If you are using a consumer license, it will be stored for the duration of your free subscription. Note that a consumer license is limited to only one project.
If you are using a Business or Enterprise license, you can store your projects for the duration of your subscription.


Is archiving free-of-charge?
Yes, you can store as many projects as you like but activating an archived project might result in a cost if you are using a Business or an Enterprise license.


In what circumstances will activating a project result in a cost?
Users with a Business or Enterprise license have a pre-set number of active projects (e.g. five or fifty). By archiving a project, that project will no longer be counted as being active. 
For example, if you have a Business license and you are managing five active projects and decide to archive one, your previous balance of five active projects will be reduced to four in the next month. This means you can add a new active project, without having to purchase additional active projects, in the next month.

By unarchiving a project (and making it active), you add one project to your balance. In case you are maxed out on eligible active projects, you will need to purchase additional active projects.
The number of active projects will be calculated on the first day of each month and the balance will be valid for the entirety of that month.


Which platforms are supported?
Buildbite works on Apple and Android.


I don’t have a credit card. Can I still purchase a Business or an Enterprise license?
Unfortunately, we only support credit card payments at this moment.