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Field Management App for Android

Coordinating subcontractors, managing budgets, and keeping track of project timelines can be overwhelming. Buildbite’s field management app for Android helps you to manage task execution and improve collaboration in the field.

Field Management App for Android

The power of Buildbite

Document management
Keeping track of documents is a breeze with Buildbite. Our construction app for Android provides a centralized repository for all project-related documents, making it easy to retrieve and share information.
Stay on top of change orders
Construction projects often encounter sudden changes, which can impact the budget. Streamline the change order management process by providing a centralized platform for documenting, tracking, and communicating changes.
Improved collaboration and communication
Your team members and customers can quickly respond to any questions on-site. Everybody involved in a project has a visual overview of ongoing construction activities, progress and notifications.

Mobile technology in construction can reduce errors by 38%

By diligently documenting work done in the app, builders can quickly respond to questions and spot suspected risks or outright mishaps.

Buildbite assists with the documentation of all phases of your projects. Photos with captions and video instructions can be attached for visual reference. This helps prevent miscommunications that could lead to quality issues.

Source: Construction Industry Institute (CII)

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Generate and share customizable reports

Bird's-eye view of project status

Manager’s can quickly assess whether the projects are on track, identify bottlenecks, improve efficiency and take corrective actions by having a real-time overview of estimated and actual time and costs at a project, phase or task level.

Budget control

Create reports for both hourly-based and fixed price project work. This information helps contractors, project and facility managers to ensure that the project stays within budget, and also identify areas where cost-saving measures can be applied.

Customer transparency

Customers often require regular updates on the status of their construction projects. The instant reporting feature in Buildbite’s Android field management app provides transparency, insights and accountability, demonstrating that the project is progressing as planned.
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Minimize the need for physical paperwork

Share files, images, videos and messages in one easy-to-use application. Read and review project documentation on the go, from your smartphone or tablet, onsite or at a supplier.

This improves efficiency and reduces the risk of miscommunication and disputes related to change orders, ultimately helping to keep your construction projects on track and within budget.

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Exceed customer expectations

In a competitive construction industry, adopting Buildbite’s Android field management app is not only advantageous but necessary. It enables general contractors to meet and exceed customer expectations while remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving sector.

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A single tool to manage task execution

Mobile-first field management

Save on software costs. Track time, share files, chat with everyone involved in the project, and provide instant project updates from a single tool for Android devices.

Trähus now not only builds homes, but with Builbite we also build great relationships with our customers, and get many referrals
Thomas Noreila , CEO

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