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Buildbite launches Professional Branding

13 July, 2023

Stockholm – Buildbite, the leading field management solution for construction companies, today announced the launch of Professional Branding, the possibility to re-brand (white label) its application for mobile and desktop. 

It offers partners and customers a powerful way to apply their own brand to the app and get the most out of Buildbite’s features while maintaining a cohesive brand identity with increased user retention.

“A company’s brand is the cornerstone of its very existence. So is communication. That’s why we make a point of helping our clients customize the look and feel of Buildbite services in accordance with their visual guidelines,” said Micke Paqvalén, Founder of Buildbite. 

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Buildbite recognizes that the option to white label its solution provides companies the opportunity to utilize all of Buildbite’s capabilities to improve the efficiency of their projects as if the solution is their own, considerably increasing brand awareness and trust.

Professional Branding will give audiences from a variety of construction-related businesses the chance to brand Buildbite’s software as if it were their own, improving customer satisfaction in their projects, through enhanced project communication and collaboration, documentation, task management, time-tracking and reporting functionalities, and more.


It caters to the needs of customers and partners who want to customize user interfaces, both for mobile and desktop, with retained usability. Colors of text, icons, buttons, and backgrounds can be customized and brands will be able to upload their own logo and implement their visual identity. 

To learn more and schedule a demo to see how Buildbite can make an impact on your construction projects, contact us.

About Buildbite:

Buildbite is the #1 field management solution, designed by professionals for professionals. It helps construction and service companies increase efficiency, improve collaboration and communication, and create a culture of transparency between all parties, one project at a time.

For more information, please visit buildbite.com and follow @Buildbite.


Media Contact:

Amy Roberts