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How capturing information for reporting purposes builds trust

04 December, 2022

Managing a construction project can be complex and sometimes even confusing. To maximize productivity, many construction companies have resorted to managing multiple, parallel activities on the same building site.

These “just-in-time” models are, however, vulnerable to unforeseen events. Successfully orchestrating everything taking place on a building site requires two things: experience and access to accurate, up-to-date information.

As an example, to make sure the construction site is running smoothly, a project manager must know when a specific task is expected to be completed before new construction material can be delivered to the building site. Construction material that is delivered too early (or too late) to the site can cause delays and even make some tasks impossible to complete altogether.


And then there's admin?

Unfortunately, the nature of the construction business is such that accurate time estimations are notoriously difficult to make. To make matters worse, many construction workers are reluctant to complete any kind of complex time reporting as it's perceived to be both unnecessary and difficult.

This lax approach to reporting has had a devastating effect on productivity and puts businesses at risk. Additionally, a lack of accurate reporting can result in potential future legal and financial liabilities. At Buildbite, we set out to make capturing information easy.


How Buildbite helps 

Using Buildbite, anyone assigned to a task can easily upload videos, pictures and add comments to those tasks. In addition of being helpful to the construction crew, it also help the business. The ability to easily capture and report all completed tasks is key to overall productivity, risk mitigation and customer satisfaction.



Building trust

Transparency and accuracy in reporting also creates a culture of trust between the construction company and the customer. Customers are rarely aware of all the work that goes into completing a specific task and might challenge invoices they might suspect are inflated. By inviting a customer to follow and to actively comment on work in progres helps to build a culture of transparency and trust that makes dealing with unexpected and unforeseen situations easier.

Construction companies using Buildbite can take advantage of many of the built-in collaboration and communications features to both capture information and for sharing these with customers. Using Buildbite’s time tracking capabilities, each team member in the project can easily track the time spent spent on a specific task. Each time stamp is also geo tagged, meaning that the exact location of the person performing the task is documented.

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