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Field Management Software for Subcontractors

Collaborate and stay updated on tasks while you’re on-the-go with our field management software for subcontractors

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The leading subcontractor solution for construction

Reduce the risk of miscommunication

Buildbite facilitates seamless communication through instant messaging, file sharing, and project updates, ensuring that everyone in your team is on the same page. Address issues promptly and avoid miscommunication.

Simplified task management for subcontractors

Subcontractors often handle a multitude of tasks onsite. Our field management software helps you prioritize tasks, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. This results in a more organized and efficient workflow.

No more paperwork

Paperwork can be a headache in the construction industry. Field management software digitizes document management, allowing subcontractors to store, access, and share important documents easily.
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Avoid time delays with efficient scheduling

Streamline your schedule by providing and receiving real-time updates and notifications – helping you coordinate your work more effectively by reducing downtime and project delays.

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Strengthen customer relationships and encourage more business

With Buildbite, subcontractors can provide instant progress updates, notify task completions, and share visual updates from site. This transparency enhances communication, provides visibility into service delivery, and enables you to proactively resolve issues.

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Do more with less

Streamlined communication, real-time data entry, and a user-friendly interface eliminates unnecessary inefficiencies and wasteful processes in construction projects.

End delays, errors, miscommunication and the misuse of resources by embracing field management software for subcontractors.

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Trähus not only builds homes, but with Buildbite we also build great relationships with our customers, and get many referrals.

Thomas Noreila , CEO

The mobile-first subcontractor solution for construction

Simplify your schedule and keep updated on tasks with our easy-to-use field management solution.

Achieve greater efficiency, communication, and overall project success - download Buildbite today!

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