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Collaborate and share information, ideas, and resources - in real time

Use a single tool to communicate, manage tasks and track time. Get everyone involved and engaged from project managers, suppliers, subcontractors, workers, tradespeople and customers.
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Mobile first

Access project information and documents on-the-go from any device. Team members and customers can quickly respond to questions, change and approval requests or provide necessary documentation regardless of the location.

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Stay informed

Segment communication into separate groups so that the relevant team members and clients can stay on top of everything and avoid unnecessary information.

Collab and share

Faster response times

Promote faster decision-making and real-time communication with push notifications, file sharing, and instant messaging. Instantly make decisions and agree on changes. Seamlessly assign responsibilities and set deadlines for your team to execute tasks.

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Cultivate transparency

Everybody involved in a project has a visual overview of ongoing construction activities, progress, changes and notifications. Plans, documents, pictures and videos can be shared via in-app chat groups or direct messages.

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