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Buildbite's Fair Billing Policy

Amy Roberts
22 May, 2023

At Buildbite, we believe in fairness and transparency. That’s why we’re ensuring that we bill all our customers fairly. We want our customers to always feel the money they spend with us is justified. 

That is why our licensing is based on the number of active projects and not the number of people using Buildbite. Additionally, we automatically credit customers to be able to re-use any money they have spent with us, for example, when they downgrade.

Here’s a bit more information on how our Fair Billing Policy works. 

How you're billed

Our paid subscription plans are billed monthly or annually depending on your selection while add-ons are billed per month. Annual plans are billed once per year and offer a saving of up to 24%.  

Annual billing 

  • Free Plan - 1 active project at €0/month
  • Premium Plan - 5 active projects at €65/month

Monthly billing 

  • Free Plan - 1 active project at €0/month
  • Premium Plan - 5 active projects at €75/month

The Premium Plan includes 10 archiving slots, time tracking for 5 users and 5 secure authentication approvals that can all be used across multiple projects. 


  • Active projects at €149 for a batch of 5 projects per month
  • Archived projects at €9.95 for a batch of 5 archived projects per month
  • Time tracking users at €49.95 for 5 users per project per month
  • Secure authentication at  €49.95 for 50 authentications

Upgrading plans or add-ons during your billing period

If you upgrade your plan or purchase add-ons partway through the billing period, we’ll only charge you for the prorated period. We’ll keep track of this for you, and bill you accordingly. 

We'll calculate the prorated cost and bill you the following month for any new items added. 


You are on the monthly Premium Plan and you're paying €75/month. Ten days into your billing period, you add a set of time tracking for 5 users. There are 20 days remaining in your monthly billing period.

To calculate the prorated cost for adding new time-tracking users, we’d divide the cost, €49.95, by the number of days in the month, then multiply by the remaining number of days in the month. 

(€49.95 ÷ 30 days) x (20 days) = €33.30 additional cost per month


How downgrades affect billing

Anytime you downgrade a plan, or remove add-ons, you’ll be credited for the change. You’ll receive prorated credits to your Buildbite account, no matter which day of the month you decide to downgrade.


You're on the annual Premium Plan which is billed at €780/year. 185 days into your billing period, you downgrade to the Free Plan which costs €0. 180 days are remaining in your annual billing period.

To calculate the prorated credits for downgrading your plan, we calculate the difference in cost, divide it by the number of days in the year, then multiply by the remaining number of days in the year.

€780.00 - €0.00 = €780.00

(€780 ÷ 365 days) x (180 days) = €384.66 in credit

How credits work

Buildbite credits will be applied toward future payments, such as adding additional time tracking users to your projects or renewing your subscription.

Your credits will be available for all paid subscriptions for as long as the account remains active.  

Credits have no currency or exchange value, are non-transferable and non-refundable, and will expire following the termination of your paid Buildbite plan.

Credits are non-transferable meaning they can’t be transferred to other accounts. If you decide to terminate your account, and return to Buildbite to create a new account at a later date, you will not be able to use the credit on the new account. 

Any credits as a result of changes to your plan or add-ons will be reflected in your billing statement. 

When you'll see charges

You'll see the first card charge from Buildbite on the day you purchase a paid plan and on your monthly or annual renewal date. Your monthly renewal amount will reflect any changes when you add or remove time tracking members, projects, archiving slots or secure authenticated approvals.

Purchasing add-ons or upgrading a plan resets the invoice period so you’ll be charged for the change instantly. 

If you have any questions about our Fair Billing Policy, please contact us