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Buildbite launches customized reporting

30 November, 2023

Stockholm - Buildbite is revolutionizing the way construction teams manage their projects by offering customizable reports that allow project managers to generate custom reports on-the-go for hours worked, billing and analytics as well as final reports per project.

Accurate and regular reporting is the cornerstone of construction project success. Reports offer insightful data on the project's progress, status and performance, all of which are crucial to guarantee that the project is moving forward as planned. 

“There are many different balls to juggle in a construction project, often the ball that is dropped is accurate reporting. Keeping a paper trail and validating your team’s efforts through accurate reporting is crucial to keeping the path to success clear,” explains Micke Paqvalén, CEO and founder of Buildbite. “Buildbite allows you to keep all project-related progress, documentation, time-tracking and reports in one place.”

Everything about the reporting experience is entirely customizable: from branding a report with a company logo, company name and company ID, to adding vital project details like addresses, descriptions, timelines and photos relating to certain tasks.

Eliminate blindspots

Buildbite eliminates blindspots and offers transparency for all stakeholders in any project. Being able to report on specific tasks and phases of a project is an accurate way of accounting for money spent and takes the headache out of billing. 

Enhanced filtering, aids Project Owners to break down reports granularly and invoices can be issued once certain milestones of a project have been met. 

Project Owners are able to review projects based on the final project report and create accurate estimates for future projects. They’re able to see shortfalls, minimize unproductive work and reduce money lost as a result of poor cost estimates.

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Trust is built with consistency

Customizable reports, with image updates help Project Owners increase visibility as customers are able to better understand the effort involved in each task.

Being consistent and transparent is key to building trust between construction companies and their customers, and accurate reporting allows customers to better understand what they are being billed for. 

About Buildbite

Buildbite is the #1 field management solution, designed by professionals for professionals. It helps construction and service companies increase efficiency, improve collaboration and communication, and creates a culture of transparency between all parties, one project at a time.

For more information, follow @Buildbite.


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