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Your guide to hiring the perfect construction project manager

12 December, 2023

In the chaotic world of construction, finding the perfect project manager is no easy feat. The Project Manager you choose to hire will ultimately impact the success or failure of your project so it’s important to know exactly which skills to look out for.

Thomas from Trähus shares his expertise on what qualities to look for when hiring a Project Manager.

Coordination and leadership

A strong Project Manager is able to exhibit a high level of coordination and leadership skills. This means that they are not only able to identify tasks, but lead their team to complete these tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Project management is a constant juggling act. At any given time, Project Managers can be handling multiple different projects.

With each project comes its own set of tasks, varying in complexity that require attention.

I look out for someone who is able to coordinate multiple tasks from different projects and remain level-headed throughout.

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A good Project Manager always has a solid plan of action. A great project manager is able to adapt should the plan of action go awry.

With each day comes new challenges that need to be faced head-on. While having a plan is important, being able to accept the fact that plans may need to be adjusted is important too. 

At the end of the day, there is only so much that can be controlled and your project manager needs to be cognizant of that.

Finding the balance between planning and flexibility is definitely a skill I look for when going through the hiring process.

Work smart

In any job, it will always be beneficial to work smarter.

Your Project Manager should be able to manage their workload in an effective way, prioritizing tasks based on urgency. 

They should be able to document and monitor tasks from different projects in an organized fashion, keeping their finger on the pulse at all times (even when they cannot physically be on site).

This gives them confidence in knowing that the workflow is going well and thus discourages micromanaging. 

They should encourage a sense of ownership within their workers which ultimately strengthens their team and aids in achieving objectives

At the end of the day, time is money and the perk of working smarter all boils down to time-saving.

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Problem solving 

Project management is a complex task. There are many issues that may arise out of the blue that need your Project Manager’s attention.

Your Project Manager will have many different people relying on them. Whether it’s a phone call from a client or a question from their team, they need to be on the ball when it comes to quick decision making.

A rockstar Project Manager is able to detect problems early and be prepared with expert solutions and this is someone who will essentially be an asset to your team.

Your Dream Project Manager

When I hire Project Managers, I look for someone who exhibits a variety of different skills in order to execute the job successfully.

I look for a born-leader who is able to juggle many different tasks without dropping the ball. 

They are able to manage their time and resources in an effective way so that projects remain on track and within budget.

Ultimately, my team is only as good as my weakest team member. Each and every person has their role to play and it is up to the Project Manager I hire to be the glue that brings the entire operation together.


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