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Buildbite pioneers transparency in construction projects with the launch of Multi-Chat

31 July, 2023

Stockholm - Buildbite, the leading field management application for construction companies, today announced the launch of Multi-Chat, the latest of updates that paves the way for mobile-first communication between construction teams and clients. 

Multi-Chat allows project managers to segment their communication on various aspects of their projects into different groups so that the relevant team members and clients can chat in many places and groups, opening up visibility and transparency. 

Everything needed to connect teams with clients

The app comes standard with two Multi-Chat groups (Client and Worker Chat), but any groups can easily be established, allowing teams e.g. to distinguish their communication between internal and external channels or participants. 

Communication can make or break the success of a construction project. By enabling opening up communication channels for everyone involved in new builds, renovation or restoration projects, Buildbite recognizes transparent communication as the key to the success of construction projects and the direct impact it has on the ROI generated for businesses. 

Managing multiple projects at once is not difficult if you have the right tool at hand. With Buildbite’s integrated in-app comments and Multi-Chat multimedia (text, image and/or video) capabilities - Project Managers have an easy way to connect with all the people involved in the various stages of projects, reducing manual workload and calls.  

“With Multi-Chat everyone involved in a project can communicate with each other and have a direct line of communication with all participants,” says Micke Paqvalén, Founder of Buildbite. “This new feature enables transparency between all participants in projects, which ultimately leads to greater efficiency and increased customer satisfaction”, he continues. 

With Buildbite’s Multi-Chat feature, Project Managers can centralise and gather their communication in the same application where they organise tasks, manage teams, compile time-tracking reports and more. As a result, the use of numerous applications and communication channels is minimized and subscription costs are substantially reduced. 


About Buildbite

Buildbite is the #1 field management application, designed by professionals for professionals. It helps construction and service companies increase efficiency, improve collaboration and communication, and create a culture of transparency between all parties, one project at a time.

For more information, please visit buildbite.com and follow @Buildbite.


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