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The 10 best construction communication software tools 2024

Micke Paqvalén
08 January, 2024

[In-depth comparison]

Some businesses turn to social networking tools like WhatsApp for their business communication. Unfortunately, such tools are not designed for construction professionals to have a real-time view of everything going on within a project, let alone if you’re managing multiple projects or tasks at the same time.

When communication is not as efficient as it could be:

  • Clients might ask you for unpaid re-work
  • Clients might refuse to pay you for the work you’ve already completed
  • Misunderstandings arise that lead to tasks not being executed properly
  • Projects will take significantly longer than they should, and…

… as the project owner, you will work significantly longer hours while the project’s budget is tightening.

This naturally leads to the question: Which construction communication software is best for your company?

  • The good news: There are many construction communication software providers to choose from.
  • The bad news: Sorting through all available options is challenging and time-consuming.

To help you with the process, we published an in-depth comparison of the 10 best construction communication software (as of 2024):

  1. Buildbite – Best for small & medium-sized businesses
  2. Fieldwire – Best for enterprise-level companies
  3. Procore – Best for large & complex projects
  4. Buildertrend – Good for client acquisition
  5. Houzz Pro – Good for sales and lead generation
  6. Fonn – Good for Architects
  7. Knowify – Good for accounting
  8. Raken App – Good for general companies
  9. Letsbuild - Good for strong job site supervision
  10. Connecteam – Good for large-scale projects

Disclaimer: Buildbite is our solution. We’ve done our best to present the information evenly because we want you to make an educated decision. That said, we are proud of our construction communication software, and built it with the features and ease that you need as a construction professional. Learn more about the software or try it free for 30 days.


The 10 best construction communication software tools in detail:


1. Buildbite – Best for small & medium-sized businesses

buildbite homepage


Why did we develop Buildbite?


We developed Buildbite to make construction communication easier, and our tool is built to help you save money and increase your team's efficiency. 

With Buildbite, every person in your project team will always know what is expected of them, what to do, and by which date a certain task needs to be completed. Every task is documented and tracked as it happens, and all project information and documentation are easily available in one place, accessible even after the task or project is completed. 

That’s what Buildbite enables you to do, take complex construction projects and make it extremely easy for everyone, including your client, who can follow along with the project journey.

Ready for a test drive?  Sign up for your free trial of Buildbite today.


What makes Buildbite unique?

Buildbite is a construction communication software specifically engineered for small to medium-sized construction businesses.

There are three reasons for that:

  1. Ease of use: The setup of Buildbite is designed to be intuitive. You don’t need to be tech-savvy nor do you need to train your project team to use it.
  2. Speed of implementation: You can download the app on your mobile phone and set up your project in minutes – absolutely free.
  3. Affordability: Not only is it free to get started, but the software is significantly more affordable than other construction communication software, costing only €15 per active project per month (archiving projects is free of charge) for an unlimited number of users. Making it easy for small businesses to estimate costs and get a quick ROI.

And don’t worry about inviting your clients and teams to the app: Send invitations with just a tap, and they’ll receive a friendly invite via a text message.



Buildbite is the best solution to guarantee effective communication in small to medium-sized construction projects.

Here’s why: 

  • Real-time communication with push notifications: Automatically notify clients, subcontractors, and contractors when an update or change has been made to a task, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Make sure that urgent matters get noticed immediately.



  • Multi-chat: Distinguish your communication between internal and external channels. With multi-chat, you’ll be able to segment your communication into different groups for relevant team members and clients. Just like  WhatsApp, but centralized in the same application where you organize tasks, manage your teams, compile time-tracking reports, and more.

    Less switching between apps, less chance of losing important information!

    multiple solutions in one

  • Invite clients to the app at the push of a button: Avoid change requests and make clients happy by involving them every step of the way.


  • Time tracking and reporting: Avoid misalignment in your team's schedule and keep track of time spent on project-specific tasks with real-time time tracking. Receive automated notifications when pre-defined thresholds are met, giving you a birds-eye view of project progress and helping you identify potential delays. Generate customizable reports for both hourly-based and fixed-price work.


  • Risk-free approval: Send authenticated approval requests to clients when tasks are completed to avoid the danger of re-work. Require workflow approval of your contractors before they start work to avoid any misalignment. Avoid time theft by comparing actual time with estimates, and approve tasks with consistent work output.


  • Improved billing rates: The CEO of Trähus – Thomas Noreila - mentioned in our case study almost a two-fold increase in their billing rate: 

“At Trähus we not only renovate homes, with Buildbite we build great customer relationships and have increased our billing rate to 95%. The billing rate started at around 50%, and ended up at 95% almost instantly after implementing Buildbite.”
- Thomas Noreila, Trähus

Just think about it: By not setting up construction communication software, they were losing out on almost 50% of their potential revenue!



  •  It's made for small to medium-sized businesses and does not specialize in larger enterprises ($500m - $1b projects)




We offer a Free plan and a Premium plan that allows the management of up to 5 projects (with unlimited users). Additional projects can be added with ease. The Premium plan costs $65/mo if paid annually, and $75/mo if paid monthly. See our pricing in detail.

We offer a free 30-day trial where you can download the software today and see its benefits instantly.

The deal is simple: If you don’t see an increase in your team's efficiency with Buildbite, you don’t pay. And if you’ve paid, we credit you. Simple!

Sign up for your free trial today!


2. Fieldwire – Good for enterprise-level companies

fieldwire homepage

How it works:

Fieldwire is an all-in-one construction software designed to bring construction professionals across the entire supply chain together. It is best suited for medium to large-sized businesses.

Fieldwire is known for its solid basis of communication tools that allow users to quickly and easily collaborate with other professionals across large projects, along with solid documentation features and other useful elements such as task-tracking software.

Despite some relatively simple features such as the communication channels, some users have noted a steep learning curve for tools such as detailed blueprint markup or advanced task management. 

This may cause a challenge for adoption across a small business team, especially if you or your team is not used to digital construction applications.


  • The software offers enterprise-level scalability that is unmatched
  • Good documentation features


  • For smaller projects, some of the features Fieldwire offers are unnecessary (such as the ‘BIM viewer’ that gives you 3D model metadata of your project). Paying for features you don’t use is not ideal
  • Users complain about a steep learning curve and user experience
  • Can be expensive


While there are free plans to try Fieldwire out, the functional plans range from $39 - $79/mo per user. If you have a team of 10 people it would cost you $390 - $790 monthly.

fieldwire pricing


4.5 out of 5.0 on G2


3. Procore - Good for large and complex projects

procore homepage

How it works:

Similar to Fieldwire, Procore is built for larger and more complex projects. Procore brings together task-tracking solutions with real-time communication in construction, offering tools such as a project documentation hub, centralized correspondence page, and more.

Generally speaking, Procore is a well-oiled machine - it is known for its reliability, wide range of top-range features, and reasonably understandable interface for newcomers to the technology.


  • Strong collaboration tools
  • Integrates well with other software


  • Users complain about a steep learning curve for new users (due to having a lot of features you'll need to get used to) and user experience
  • Can be expensive


Procore’s pricing is not visible on their page. Based on the review below, it starts at $375 per month:

procore price


4.6 out of 5.0 on G2


4. Buildertrend – Good for client acquisition

buildertrend homepage

How it works:

Buildertrend serves smaller construction projects, from home remodeling to commercial contractors. 

What Buildertrend excels at is bringing together lots of different project management tools into a single app, while implementing client acquisition features as well. 

This allows you to easily navigate a range of different tools that help with task management, document sharing, and of course general communication across teams and between you and your client.


  • Offers client acquisition features


  • Less intuitive than the rest (you can hire a Buildertrend professional for $100 to help you set up the software)
  • Can be expensive
  • No free trial


Buildertrend’s pricing ranges from $199 to $799 per month.

buildertrend pricing


4.2 out of 5.0 on G2


5. Houzz Pro - Good for sales and lead generation

houzz pro homepage

How it works:

Unlike many of the other apps on this list, Houzz Pro offers unparalleled client acquisition and conversion tools, along with overall project management and communication capabilities.

Its array of tools includes next to many different internal communication tools: 

  • 3D floor plans - for beautiful sales presentations
  • CRM - to turn prospects into projects
  • Custom website - to facilitate client acquisition

Guaranteeing that your construction company not only communicates well internally, but externally as well.


  • Offers comprehensive client acquisition features
  • Intuitive design


  • Users complain of a lack of user-friendliness
  • Can be expensive
  • Advanced marketing tools need more expensive plans


Plans range from $85/mo to $499/mo for all features.

houzz pro pricing


4.4 out of 5.0 on Capterra


6. Fonn – Good for Architects

fonn homepage

How it works:

Fonn is a general construction project management tool with multiple communication features. This includes: 

  • Shareable project breakdowns
  • Multiple communication channels, and: 
  • Role-controlled access to project documentation hubs

Allowing you to easily control the flow of information within your project, both between team members and the client, all while sharing important documents and info both via mobile or desktop.

Along with being user-friendly, Fonn joins Buildbite as one of the few construction communication apps to not limit the number of users behind additional costs.


  • Great drawing capabilities for architects
  • Professional onboarding included


  •  Limited features compared to larger platforms
  • Expensive


The pricing plan starts at £271 ($345). Based on G2, plans start at $249 per month. 

houzz pro pricing


4.6 out of 5.0 on G2 


7. Knowify – Good for accounting

knowify homepage

How it works:

Knowify has built its communication features with a strong focus on finance and data analysis.

The primary communication tools are a customer comms channel, an RFI management tool, and a job costing calculator, along with invoice and contract creation and management tools.

It’s important to remember that there are lots of types of communication in construction. What Knowify is good at is communicating the financial details of a project with your clients and subcontractors. 

What’s helpful is Knowify’s wide range of integration with other well-established software such as QuickBooks, making your life much easier when interfacing with clients.


  • Good for accounting


  • Can be complex to set up
  • More focused on financial aspects


$186 to $311/mo for one user.

knowify pricing


4.6 out of 5.0 on G2


8. Raken App – Good for strong job site supervision

raken app homepage

How it works:

Raken App is a daily reporting and field management app specifically designed for construction projects, with a focus on internal communication and reporting.

With a centralized document hub and daily progress report feature, you can easily manage your team’s time and communicate project progress to your client. 

Despite its focus on data analysis, the Raken App is relatively simple and easy to use for newcomers. It’s a solid choice for a construction company looking to improve its digital communication and gain access to some analysis tools.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile application


  • Some limitations in custom report creation
  • Pricing not publicly visible
  • Some users report regular updates that they struggle to keep up with


The pricing is not publicly visible, and we have not found any public data on the pricing of the software.


4.7 out of 5.0 on G2


9. Letsbuild – Good for large-scale projects

letsbuild homepage

How it works:

LetsBuild is a bigger solution that has categorized its solution into 4 different products: 

  • LB Site Diary
    • Site activity reporting tool
  • LB Aproplan
    • Snagging, quality and safety control
  • LB Geniebelt
    • Scheduling
  • LB Coordination
    • On-site lean coordination

Although they have a wide set of products, LB Geniebelt is the most popular one. LB Geniebelt offers good project management features and scheduling capabilities, with an overview of all the tasks and how close they are to completion. 

Users report a difference in user interface between desktop and mobile, which can take time to get used to. You have to pay onboarding fees which Letsbuild explains as “all new LetsBuild customers must buy services to get started on the right foot”.


  • Good customer support with fast response time
  • Subcontractors can be invited to the project as guests


  • Takes time to implement - Letsbuild recommends 4 to 8 weeks of workshops & training
  • Can be expensive - you have to pay 1 year upfront
  • Onboarding fees


The pricing is not publicly visible, and we have not found any public data on the pricing of the software.


4.3 out of 5.0 on Capterra


10. Connecteam – Good for large-scale projects

connecteam homepage

How it works:

Unlike every other option on this list, Connecteam is a much more general workforce management and communication app not specific to the construction industry. 

Useful for many industries, Connecteam is known for its versatility and reliability, with a wide range of features for scheduling, task management, and employee engagement, offering a holistic solution for businesses.

When it comes to communication specifically, Connecteam’s best tools are its work chat, team scheduling software and employee documents hub.


  • Good team scheduling software
  • Very user-friendly and intuitive


  • Less focused on construction-specific tasks
  • No monthly pricing plans are available (less flexibility)


From $29 to $99/mo for the first 30 users. Requires an annual commitment.

connecteam pricing


4.4 out of 5.0 on G2 


5 things you should look for in construction communication software


1. Real-time communication with push notifications

At the beginning of this article, we agreed on the importance of communication in construction projects. Efficient communication is best guaranteed by:

  • Using one communication platform for both the client and project team. The more apps you use, the higher the chance of sending a message in an app that never gets opened, right?
  • Informing the project team and clients quickly – so there’s never a reason to stop work as you wait for a person to respond or get up to speed.

The only way to guarantee the above two points is by using construction communication software with real-time communication and push notifications.


 2. Client involvement

It’s no secret that our clients want to know what’s going on during the construction project, right?

Specifically, our clients:

  • Want to make sure things are completed as they expect it.
  • Want to make sure that their money is not wasted.

Whenever the client feels unsure about either of the two aforementioned points, they’ll send you late-night text messages, change requests - or altogether refuse to pay for already completed work. 

This is just one of many bad effects of poor communication in the construction industry. 

Systematically involving clients in the project with workflow approvals increases customer satisfaction – and therefore billing rate and repeat customers.


 3. Document storage

Nothing is more annoying than searching for hours for a document you knew you stored somewhere, right?

Not only is it wasted time, but it can also make an already complex project unbearable. And if you have multiple ongoing projects, you might end up with an organizational nightmare.

The solution is simple: An intuitive application where you can quickly store (and easily retrieve) your sensitive documents. Allowing you to complete and move on from projects quicker, as you have all documents safely stored and easily accessible at the end of the project.  


 4. Easy-to-use

Construction communication software should be engineered to make your life easier. You’re busy, so any additional software you download:

  • Shouldn't take unnecessary time and effort away from you, which could be spent on important projects.
  • Shouldn’t require you to hire external help to get started.

Instead, you want to download the application in the comfort of your home and get set up in minutes, right?

Construction communication software needs to be easy to use so it can do what it has promised: Reduce your work hours while increasing your bottom line.


5. Overview of ongoing construction activities, progress, and changes

The famous management consultant Peter Drucker once said: “What gets measured gets managed.”

For our construction work, this means: The more measured a construction site is, the fewer errors will be committed and the more profitable it will be.

In the past, measuring and managing a construction project took a significant amount of time for skilled project managers.

With the help of construction communication software, however, you can reduce the amount of hours a project manager spends on the site by 2.5 hours on average (according to our case study)

Because the project manager neither has to visit the job site every single day nor do they have to check multiple digital apps or manually create customer reports in the evening.


What exactly is construction communication software?

Construction communication software is a type of program designed to help guarantee effective communication in construction. 

Specifically, it allows everyone involved in a construction project (like owners, project managers, subcontractors, and clients) to communicate and share information more effectively.

You can imagine it as a personal assistant that roams through the construction site 24/7 making sure that everyone involved is up to speed and connected as a team. Quickly making sure that any potential issues get reported to the right people.


How does construction communication software work?

Construction communication software works by providing a platform (like an app or a website) where team members can send messages, share files, and sometimes even update project schedules or tasks in real-time.

Think of it as a combination of:

  • Excel
  • Trello
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • And time-tracking software

Just simpler to use, and better.


What are the benefits of using software for construction communication?

There are many benefits of using software for construction communication:

  • Increased billing rates: Avoid unnecessary rework and disgruntled clients by involving them in every step of the project.
  • Increased coordination: Avoid stopping work as you wait for an important document or approval from a client.
  • Happier workers: Give every worker on the construction site the necessary information – so they can do their job as good as they can - and as quickly as they can.
  • Increased productivity: Happier workers, as well as increased coordination with clients and subcontractors, turn every construction company into a well-oiled machine. Enabling them to complete projects quicker with a smaller investment of time and money. 

In short: Using construction communication software is generally a low-effort and low financial-risk technology implementation with an almost guaranteed ROI, ultimately saving you money and increasing your team’s productivity.


How much does construction communication software cost?

Based on our research, the cost of construction communication software for a small to medium-sized business is typically around $200 - $400 per month.

Some software packages like Buildbite offer a free-for-life plan and a premium plan that only charges $65/month for unlimited users and 5 projects.