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The challenge of missing documentation after the construction project

04 December, 2023

Construction projects can sometimes be quite admin-heavy and the amount of paperwork, financial documentation and permits during a construction project can overwhelming. This documentation includes everything from planning permissions, drawings, bids, details on what material was used as well as details on invoices and project plans.

Different tools, different formats

Often, this documentation is created by many different stakeholders and shared between all parties in the project, using many different tools such as WhatsApp, email, phone etc. And to add additional complexity, documentation is often shared using many different formats.

Some documentation is shared in printed format, whereas other documentation is shared in electronic format as pdf documents, excel spreadsheets, etc. And let's not even cover the complex topic of version control of frequently updated documentation.

Finding the information you need for the project

All of this is making it extremely difficult for the members of a construction project team to always have the latest information at hand. But having access to accurate documentation during the project is only part of the challenge. Homeowners are required (in many countries by law) to store and maintain all relevant documentation relating to the construction project.



Legal requirements and obligations

Any future construction project is relying on this documentation being reliable and missing or inaccurate documentation can have severe consequences - both financial and judicial - e.g., when the house is up for sale.

It is the seller's responsibility to provide information that may affect the buyer's decision to purchase. The ability to provide detailed documentation on all construction done on a house becomes important if a legal dispute arises after completion of the transaction.


How Buildbite helps

At Buildbite, we understand the necessity to keep all project-related documentation in one place. All documentation related to a project is indexed and organized according to Project, Phase and Tasks and all communication and documentation is stored in the application.

A homeowner can easily retrieve documentation on e.g., what building material was used in a certain part of the property and to show photographic evidence of a certain task having been completed according to specification (e.g., waterproofing or electrical wiring).


Keeping homeowners out of harm's way

In the case of a property exchanging owners, having the ability to share information (if requested) increases trust between the seller and the buyer and dramatically reduces the need for detailed site surveys. It also speeds up the buying process and reduces future financial risks for both parties including insurance companies and banks.

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