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The challenge of observing progress

12 December, 2023

As humans, we have a natural tendency to measure progress by observing a linear movement towards a predefined goal. In construction, we make estimations on progress by looking for clues of progress, such as how much time has progressed on a certain task, documentation of work completed and by visually comparing current state with the desired state (often depicted in the form of a rendering or drawing).

More than meets the eye

However, in many renovation or construction projects, progress of different work phases can be difficult to observe. Certain work phases and tasks require unproportionally long preparation time (with very few signs of actual progress) whereas certain tasks require significant time before work can resume (e.g. construction materials needing time to cure).

This seemingly slow progress and lack of visible progress can be highly frustrating for a customer and at worst lead to mistrust, micromanagement and overall poor customer satisfaction.



Communicating and Collaborating

At Buildbite, we understand that collaboration and communication between the construction team and the customer is key to successful construction projects and the foundation for building trust and transparency.

Using the built-in timeline visualizations in the application and the ability to capture and upload pictures and videos and add comments to these, customers always stay up to date on the progress of work stages even if there are no visible signs of progress on the construction site.

This ability to proactively keeping customers informed has the additional benefit that project managers can spend more time managing their project team and less time responding to customer requests and questions.

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