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Quick, accurate and easy reporting with Buildbite

07 September, 2023

Stockholm - Buildbite, the leading field management application for construction companies, has further improved its reporting capabilities, thereby refining the overall project management efficiency for construction teams. 

“Construction projects are complex. They involve many different trades, disciplines, and processes. Accurate and timely reporting is a vital step to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. It is one of the most important duties on a construction site. Without getting this right, projects can easily veer off course, produce delays, and run over budget,” explains Micke Paqvalén, CEO and founder of Buildbite.

Cultivating a culture of trust 

Paqvalén adds that transparency and accuracy in reporting creates a culture of trust between the construction company and the customer. 

“Customers are rarely aware of all the work that goes into completing a specific task and might challenge invoices that they suspect are inflated. Inviting a customer to follow and to actively comment on work in progress helps to build a culture of transparency and trust that makes dealing with unexpected and unforeseen situations easier.”


Gain real-time visibility

Reports help contractors gain real-time visibility into project risks, they can provide valuable insights into task performance, resource utilisation, time estimates and actual time tracked and project progress, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement. They are easily customisable and can be viewed and generated on a desktop or phone.


Accurate time tracking

Using Buildbite’s time tracking capabilities, each team member in the project can easily track the time spent on a specific task. 

This assists with accurate invoicing and minimising unproductive work. It also makes it easier to compare estimated versus actual time spent on a project. Reports can be generated or customized for both hourly-based and fixed price project work.

A contractor may work on multiple projects simultaneously, therefore Buildbite’s reporting can be filtered via time or projects. Importantly, reports can be analysed to improve estimates for proposals on similar projects.


About Buildbite

Buildbite is the #1 field management application, designed by professionals for professionals. It helps construction and service companies increase efficiency, improve collaboration and communication, and create a culture of transparency between all parties, one project at a time.

For more information, please visit buildbite.com and follow @Buildbite.

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