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Buildbite Expands its Reach, Now Available in Spanish

13 November, 2023

Stockholm - Buildbite, the innovative field management app, is proud to announce its expansion into Spanish-speaking markets with a fully translated version of its app.

The construction industry is notorious for projects exceeding their timeframes by up to 20% and going over budget by as much as 80%. These staggering statistics are not only common in large-scale projects but are also familiar to anyone who has undertaken residential construction, renovation or maintenance projects.

The sector is plagued by conflicts, risks, and narrow profit margins, often leading to insolvency when major players declare bankruptcy, impacting smaller contractors.

Recognizing these challenges, Buildbite is and will continue to be a game-changer, providing a mobile app that enhances efficiency and profitability for construction and maintenance companies.  

Buildbite’s core mission is to empower construction companies with the tools needed to manage projects efficiently and to facilitate seamless, transparent, and trustworthy collaboration among all stakeholders. The app's expansion into the Spanish-speaking market reinforces its commitment to the construction industry's success, offering effective methods to improve operational efficiency worldwide.

Spanish version 1

This significant development promises to bring much-needed relief to Spanish-speaking construction markets, which often face the same challenges of delayed projects, budget overruns, and industry instability. The app is set to revolutionize the way Project Managers and Facility Managers manage their projects and teams, and how Clients can be part of it in real-time.

The platform's user-friendly interface and powerful task management tools aim to improve project efficiency, cost estimates, and overall transparency. By empowering users to track time natively in the app, Buildbite boosts financial efficiency through the tracking of historical data ahead of creating the next cost estimate. Buildbite enhances visibility into labor expenses as they occur so that companies can proactively make informed decisions that will positively impact the project's profitability.

"We're excited about the positive impact Buildbite will have on Spanish-speaking construction and maintenance markets. Our mission is to empower the industry with efficient project management and financial solutions, ultimately facilitating a transparent and prosperous industry." said Micke Paqvalén, CEO at Buildbite.

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About Buildbite:

Buildbite is the #1 field management solution, designed by professionals for professionals. It helps construction and service companies increase efficiency, improve collaboration and communication, and create a culture of transparency between all parties, one project at a time.

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Amy Roberts