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CEO's tips on how to structure construction projects for success

18 July, 2023

As a Project Manager, you have a lot on your plate. Phasing plays a crucial role when structuring a project to ensure that you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Thomas, the CEO of Trähus, explains how using Buidbite helps him to structure projects in an effective and meaningful way.

Complete tasks once (and once only!)

The first step I always take in phasing a project is outlining exactly what needs to be done. By having a clear idea of what each task entails, I can determine how tasks relate to each other.

Grouping tasks together ensures that they are done correctly and only done once. Having to re-do a task will not only diminish your clients trust but make you and your team look unprofessional.

Trähus x Buildbite 6

Phasing task by task

When it comes to running any business, having a game plan is crucial. 

As a CEO and Project Manager, I’ll always try to structure different tasks in a project to only take 3-5 days to complete. This provides all parties with a clear start and end-date and gives everyone a sense of accomplishment once the task is completed. Using a solution such as Buildbite really helps me to structure my work and makes each task concrete and achievable.

Phasing a project task by task guarantees that we are always moving forward in a way that is both effective and efficient.

Splitting the work into manageable, smaller tasks make it easier for my team (as well as my clients) to prepare for each day.

The task update features that Buildbite offers increase my worker’s sense of ownership and responsibility. This will, in turn, increase their productivity and lead to an overall more successful project.

Trähus x Buildbite 8

Managing resources and timelines

Depending on the size of the company, you might have different workers who are responsible for different tasks. Having a clear understanding of the various phases of construction enables me to manage my resources accordingly.

For example, knowing when to allocate time and resources for the finishing touches all depends on how long the other phases of construction might take. This allows me to come up with a realistic worker and subcontractor schedule.

In business, time is money. Without a phasing plan in place, I’m at risk of setting my project back. This can ultimately cause a strain on my relationships with my client, workers and subcontractors.

Phasing is a sure way to maximize my team’s time and efforts without exhausting my client’s budget!

Trähus x Buildbite 7

Client satisfaction

A smart Project Manager knows that your client’s happiness always comes first. 

Using a service like Buildbite allows me to send out tasks for quick, client approval and ensures that they always feel in the loop.

As long as my clients can see that tasks are going according to plan, they can approve future tasks as they arise. 

Using Buildbite, my clients can follow the project phase by phase, giving them a much better understanding of how the building process works.

They will see how phasing ensures one task is completed before the next one begins and have a tangible way of tracking progress even if they are unable to make it to the building site. 

Having a clear and transparent plan of action reassures your client that they can trust you to complete the project competently. It also leaves your client feeling positive about the whole experience. 


Phasing: using digital time tracking



Phasing using Buildbite allows a line of open communication between myself, my workers, my clients and my subcontractors. This decreases the chance of errors being made.

If there are any changes that deviate from the original plan, I can easily communicate with the rest of the team.

As a project manager, time tracking serves two main purposes. The obvious one has to do with payments and the ability to accurately invoice customers and to accurately pay subcontractors and team members. The less obvious is the ability to track task-specific progress in real-time. 

I benefit tremendously from having a dashboard where I can see if work is being completed ahead of schedule or if I’m running behind. Needless to say, this will allow me to make sure the team is busy and to provide customers with needed heads-ups in case delays are expected.

Buildbite fosters a commitment to working together so that the project runs like a well-oiled machine. It instills professionalism, develops pride and ultimately strengthens the team.

In today’s times, it is not enough just to be good with your hands. You need a plethora of skills and resources to give your business the edge.

It’s time to embrace the technology that facilitates how we structure our projects in the most effective way. Phase by phase.

Combining a skillful team and a digital system is a guaranteed recipe for success.