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Field Management Software for Facility Managers

With Buildbite you can track your maintenance tasks, schedule repairs, and monitor the performance of task execution at your facility.
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Enable seamless communication and efficient teamwork

Effective collaboration is essential in facility management, as it often involves working with diverse teams, contractors, and external stakeholders. 

Buildbite's field management software for facility managers offers communication and collaboration features such as messaging, document sharing, and task assignments.

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Simplifying things should not be difficult

Streamline task management

Facility managers can use Buildbite’s field management software to create project plans, manage time, as well as communicate and collaborate with contractors and vendors. This ensures that you can complete the necessary upgrades on time and within budget.

Identify potential issues before they become major problems

Buildbite provides facility managers with a centralized platform to plan, schedule, and track maintenance activities. It allows for the creation of preventive maintenance schedules, automates work orders, and provides real-time status updates. This proactive approach reduces the risk of costly emergency repairs.

Improved budgeting

Managing budgets for repairs, operational expenses and maintenance is a crucial part of your job, Buildbite helps to track time and inform future cost projections. This helps you stay on top of your cost control, accurate financial reporting, and auditing.

A facility management solution for construction

Project archiving for informed decision-making

Our field management software for facilities managers has a project archiving function, storing previous projects, conversations, documents and agreements to help facility managers make better decisions.

Efficiently track approvals and maintenance schedules

By storing and tracking approvals, maintenance schedules, tasks, records of completed maintenance and contact information, facility managers can ensure that service providers meet their obligations.

Simplify documentation and enhance collaboration

With Buildbite, facility managers can simplify project documentation and streamline collaboration. Our field management software allows your team members to take pictures, add captions or upload video instructions. Always making sure that the latest updates reach everyone in the team, with a few clicks.
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Trähus not only builds homes, but with Buildbite we also build great relationships with our customers, and get many referrals.

Thomas Noreila , CEO

See how Buildbite can revolutionize your facility management.

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