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The challenge with lack of instructions to complete a task

04 December, 2023

Professional construction workers take pride in the quality of their work. But sometimes, even the most skilled builder might struggle. Sometimes, the reason is the quality of the construction material and sometimes the tools used for the task are not fit for purpose.

However, in many cases, construction workers struggle because they don't have clear instructions on how to complete a specific task. A lack of instructions can lead to ad hoc improvisations on the building site, slower-than-expected progress, and outright construction errors.


Mistakes, errors and liability

In the unfortunate situation that a construction error takes place, and a customer takes the construction company to court to establish liability, the focus will be on determining if clear instructions were given and if the construction worker followed these. These court procedures can be very expensive, time-consuming and obviously stressful.



How Buildbite helps keep from getting into trouble

Buildbite is designed around the concept of Projects, Phases and Tasks. Each task is assigned to one or many individuals and task-specific documentation such as instructions can easily be uploaded to aid whoever is assigned to completing the task.

For example, when a project manager uploads necessary instructions to a specific task, the project manager can require that the worker acknowledges that he/she understands the instructions prior to starting. In the rare case that the instructions are not clear (or well understood) by the team member, he/she can reject the instructions as being insufficient.

Not only does this remove any kind of ambiguity relating to instructions but it also means that the project manager needs to ensure that the instructions are available prior to assigning tasks to individual workers. This nurtures a culture of quality and accountability.

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