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Improve cash flow by optimizing workflows and approvals

Improve your invoicing rate though time tracking, quick and easy approval workflows and by collaborating with all project team members.
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Stop time leakage

Time is money and no work should go uncaptured. Know exactly which tasks each worker executed and when they did it. Gain unprecedented reporting granularity and invoice for work without missing a single hour. Start building a culture of invoicing excellence, transparency and trust.

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Stay on top of things

Always know what's going on at the worksite with real-time updates from your team. Easily track the status of active tasks with notifications when your time limits are met. Include your customer in project updates for speedier approvals and quick responses to changes on plans and costs.

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Speed up time-to-money

Including your customer in project task updates is an effective way of ensuring the customer understands the amount and type of work that’s done. Any questions from the customer can be documented and dealt with immediately. By breaking project phases down into shorter tasks, each with its own customer approval workflow, you create a culture of transparency and facilitate short-term invoicing.

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Get it right the first time around

Minimize the impact of rework on your profitability, by accurately documenting task execution in the app. With instant messaging and real-time updates, you are able to quickly respond to questions and spot suspected risks or outright mishaps.

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