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Field Management App for Laptop

Buildbite's field management software designed for laptops is here to simplify your project management needs. Our software is tailored to assist construction professionals by bringing order to task management and boosting productivity.

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Collaborate and share information, ideas, and resources - in real-time

Instant messaging

Multi-chat features within the app allow for quick and direct communication between office and field teams. 

Users can discuss different tasks, resolve issues, and share updates effortlessly with teams in the field using our mobile app.

Document management

Upload and store construction plans, agreements, contracts and critical documents directly in Buildbite’s construction app for laptop. 

This eliminates the need for physical paperwork and ensures that everyone has access to the latest project documents.

Photo and video capture

Visual updates provide a clear and real-time view of the construction site, facilitating better decision-making and issue resolution.

Real-time data analysis

Data reporting

Generate reports that provide insights into project progress, resource utilization, and potential issues. Use the real-time data within the app to identify areas of improvement.

Budget and expense tracking

Keep a close eye on project finances by tracking budgets and expenses in real time. This feature helps control costs and prevent budget overruns.

Timeline optimization

Assess how changes impact your project timeline and make informed adjustments as necessary. Realtime schedule updates ensure that projects stay on track.

Time tracking

Monitor task completion time to enable better tracking of your progress. Identify potential delays and make the right adjustments to keep your projects on schedule. Receive automated notifications when deadlines are met or missed.
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Built for field and office teams

General Contractors

Take control of your job sites from anywhere, harness the power of real-time progress tracking, and elevate jobsite coordination. Ensure timely project delivery every time.

Sub Contractors

Gain instant access to the latest plans and documents on your iOS or Android device, ensuring you're always in the loop. Capture and document work done on the jobsite to mitigate risks and secure your payments.

Project Managers

Buildbite delivers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline every aspect of project oversight. Efficiently track progress, manage resources, and maintain clear communication with your team.

Facility Managers

Ensure that your facilities operate smoothly, efficiently, and with the utmost compliance. Whether you're overseeing a single location or a portfolio of properties, Buildbite has you covered.

Trähus not only builds homes, but with Builbite we also build great relationships with our customers, and get many referrals.

Thomas Noreila , CEO

The ultimate field management app for laptop users

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